1 in the proper or expected way: Here are your travel documents, all duly signed.
2 at the proper time or as expected: The Queen duly appeared on the balcony to wave to the crowds.
dumb /dVm/ adjective
1 not technical a word used to describe someone who is permanently unable to speak, which some people find offensive: deaf and dumb (=unable to hear or speak): She's been deaf and dumb since birth.
2 informal especially AmE stupid: What a dumb question. | That was a dumb thing to do! | play dumb (=pretend to be stupid) | dumb blonde (=a woman who is sexually attractive, but seems stupid)
3 unable to speak, because you are angry, surprised, shocked etc: He stared in dumb misery at the wreckage of the car. | be struck dumb (=be so shocked that you cannot speak)
4 dumb animals/beasts, used to emphasize that animals cannot speak and that people often treat them badly: It's cruel to bait dumb animals.
— dumbly adverb: They all stood dumbly staring at the coffin. — dumbness noun (U)

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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